Here is how I made "My Own Collection"

The source of the collection I have called "My Own Collection" dates back to 1994 when I first decided to design solely “Out of my own mind” without having yarn suppliers or fashion magazines in mind.

My Own Collection expresses my emancipation from the expectations of the ever impatient fashion world craving for novelties.

Simplicity and quality are keywords to the continuous development of my collection. Every year I only add a few new models to My Own Collection which gives me the chance to work out each design to minutest detail.

Many designs are drafted and worked out and numerous colour combinations and swathches knitted before I knit the final model and work out the detailed patterns.

I make a point of using knitting techniques which combine a stable texture and high finish with easy knitting by hand.

My inspiration sources are the many yarns in my workshop and the ever inexplicable inspiration I get from world watching.

The workmanship is based on experience. In 1948, at the young age of five, I proudly knitted my first sock for my father and my passion for wool and knitting grew into my main occupation. First I worked with unravelled Danish wool, and later – while living in Scotland and Norway – with the great multiplicily of products from the spinning mills.
Over years some eight hundred of my designs have been published by international yarn suppliers and fashion magazines.

To make sure that the qualities I have put into my designs also come true in the hands of knitters and users, I have decided that My Own Collection will only be available in ready kits holding pattern, photo and yarn.

The yarns for most of my models have been picked from my Selection No. 2 of 100% 2-ply fibre-dyed Shetland Wools.
In most of the yarns the rich colours are the artistic result of the Scottish mill blending several batches of wool in different shades before the spinning process. All my designs are available in a number of colour combinations.

My Own Collection is not only intended for me – my models are meant for all those who cherish quality knitwear – and who like my designs.

I wish you happy knitting hours.


Photos: Pressefotograf Marianne Andersen